Terms of Sale :

This document of Terms of Sale of Onflinestore.com is about to make an electronic record in terms of an electronic agreement under Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made there-under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This registered electronic record of Terms of use is a system generated one and doesn’t require any physical or digital signature.

These Terms of use is like a legal contract document between Seller and Buyer of Onflinestore Services India Pvt. Ltd (herein after referred to as “Onflinestore”) with Onflinestore as their non-liable intermediary with the services offered.

SELLER: is the registered and eligible business individual who displays and mentions offers on the same utilizing the special services offered by Onflinestore.

BUYER: is the registered Onflinestore User who agrees to buy the product and accepts such offers offered by the Seller on our Website.

We request the Buyer & Seller to read and be familiar with the Terms of Sale and policies before utilizing the services of Onflinestore. By registering with Us, utilizing the services, listing the products, exhibiting the prices and offers - the Seller will be effectively bounded to the Terms of Sale. When the User agrees to buy the product offered by Seller the Terms of Sale shall effectively be bounded between the Seller and Buyer (Collectively herein after referred to “You Both”). If You do not agree with our Terms (including Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and other Policies) you are not authorized to utilize our services.

These Terms of Sale are subject to changes periodically when required without any prior intimation or notice. Hence we request Seller to review and carefully read these Terms of Sale regularly and to utilize services accordingly. The revised Terms of Sale will be effective soon after updating in Website.


Buyers are provided with certain and limited privileges like to exhibit products, product prices, offers on product and other purchases. These privileges are limited and can be extended for their promotional and business development aspects by undertaking the packages and meeting the requirements.

Sellers hereby agree that the privileges and services can be utilized and to the extent permitted by Onflinestore. Sellers also agree that Onflinestore holds the ultimate authority to limit and block some or complete services without any reason or notice.

If we find any breach in specified Terms of Sale by utilizing our services for other means and other ways – Seller shall be subjected to penalties, charges and legal actions as applicable.


The seller is responsible for the displayed content under his account and shall ensure the products listed on Website are satisfying the following:

Seller is the eligible and authorized individual to display and sale the Product in our Website and in other means.

Physical existing of the product with Seller or at business premises.

Seller brought the product through legal channels only for selling.

Product shall be in accordance with the warranties, features and description as mentioned in Website.

All the products shall cover manufacturer warranties bounded to the manufacturer terms of warranty.

The displayed product should be fee from violations or infringements of the intellectual properties rights.

Seller shall be responsible and liable in providing the product for the prices offered and offers mentioned under his account.

It is the responsibility and liability of the seller for the mentioned prices, offers, product availability etc under his account on Website.

Seller hereby agrees that Onflinestore has the right in fixing and changing the position of the Seller representation in shop & product price listing and even can remove from the listing without any liability of intimating and answering.


Cancellation by Seller

It is obvious that Seller may face certain situations that Seller may cancel or reject orders. Seller reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject or cancel order for any reason whatsoever. Seller may reject the orders from Buyers without limitations like product non-availability, limited stock, order quantity, inaccuracies and errors in pricing, typographical errors and other technical reasons. All such cancellations shall be communicated to Buyer and Onflinestore by Seller in a mean time. Either Seller or Onflinestore shall not be liable for such cancellations.

If any benefits or offers of all means enjoyed by user related to the cancelled order, shall be subjected to reversal with the liability of Buyer.

Cancellation by Buyer

Buyer reserves the right to cancel order for any reasons whatsoever before receiving the product. Buyer is not authorized to receive the order and its related benefits. Buyer agree that all his orders are solely for his use only but not for resale. Buyer also agrees that quantity per order is limited and if any violations will subject to order cancellation.

If any payments that are made by the Seller related to cancelled order shall be refunded to the Seller in a least possible time.


Onflinestore respect the rights of Buyer and Seller in Order Cancellations. In order to reduce the misuses and trail making on the services, and to assure the quality and loyal Services, We are making note of track and conduct of both Seller and Buyer in terms of Credit Score and Credit Points respectively. Both the Seller and Buyer agree that they are responsible and liable for the actions happening on their accounts.

For every cancellation from Seller : the Seller agrees that there shall be impact on his Credit Score for every order cancellation which in turn effects on position of the Seller in listing.

For every cancellation from Buyer: the Buyer will be charged by means of credit points as mentioned in charges structure. If the User keep losing the credit points and reaches NULL the User will be limited in utilizing the services bound to Terms.

If any such continuous and in appropriate activities are happening on account. Onflinestore reserves the right to block the account of either parties permanently.


The role of Onflinestore is just an intermediary between Seller and Buyer with our services. When the Buyer agrees to accept the Sellers offer, they both will be effectively bounded to this Terms of Sale.

No product on the Website is offered by the Onflinestore, all the products and its prices mentioned in Website are of and maintained by Sellers only.

Onflinestore is not liable and responsible for the products listings, prices, offers, and for the products, sold through Website. Any errors in the mentioning’s on shall solely responsible liability of the Seller only.

Onflinestore does not warrant the products Purchased utilizing the services of Onflinestore, all such warranty shall be limited to Seller only and are bounded to the terms of Seller and Manufacturer.


Terms of Sale shall be governed, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. If any dispute that arises between You and Onflinestore under this agreement, shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Hyderabad, India.



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